Hi, friends!

I am back today with a new Week Wind-Up, Week Kick-Off post. Today's post is quite a hectic one with a handful of updates. I will try to summarise each update as much as possible.

First things first... CHOLYMPICS!

That's right, we are getting closer and closer to the Cholympics Event on Chotopia. An update was released in-game yesterday which included a series of freshly decorated rooms, bringing the spirit of the Cholympics Games. Stay tuned to find out more details regarding the start date, duration, and specifics of this exciting event coming soon. Don't miss out!

This update also brought a thrilling, new feature: Chotopia Season Pass. I won't spoil this feature for you - I suggest you explore it for yourself. A summary of how this will work can be found on the Official Chotopia Blog, too. Quick, have a look!

This feature includes a new form of currency in-game: Crystals. Crystals can be earned through the Chotopia Season Pass.

That sums up the recent updates on Chotopia. Now, to the weekly updates regarding contests, events, and more.

There is a Coin's Rain Contest running until the 7th of June. Good luck to all participants!

The recent CMV Contest has now concluded and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Megs! Enjoy your brand new camera hand-item.

The Research Contest has now concluded and a winner has been chosen. Congratulations to Tzsu! Enjoy your brand new scroll hand-item.

May's Most Active Chotopians were announced yesterday. Congratulations to Novo, Shower and Myself for staying active throughout the month of May. A generous 2$ top-up has been added to our accounts for our activity.

Thanks for reading,


Hey, everyone!

Today I'm bringing you a quick Week Wind-Up, Week Kick-Off as per usual.

Contests: The CMV Contest and Olympic Games Research Contest are running for a further few days until the 29th of May. Make sure to enter them if you have not done so yet!

The Game Racer contest found at Space Quay just finished today. Winners and prizes will be announced shortly - well done to everyone that participated!

Events: Yesterday, we had an awesome Night of Titans with Staff Jas. The winners placing in first, second and third were Reece, Novo and me. GGs and well played to everyone that participated!

Stay tuned with the Official Discord and Blog for the latest announcements regarding upcoming events. I will also be updating you all on this blog. Don't miss out!

Updates: Make sure to vote in the Agent Poll if you have not yet. Chotopia is seeking a new Agent(s...?) and the Staff Team is asking us, the community, to cast our votes. Each candidate is very worthy of the position and I am sure whoever the winner will be will do an amazing job. Good luck; Reece, Shower, Anirudh and Tzsu!

That will be all for now. As always, thanks for reading,


Hi, everyone!

I'm bringing you a quick summary of the mid-week events and updates in regard to Chotopia as per usual.


First of all, there are 2 creative blog contests running right now. These are a Research Contest: Olympic Games and a Chobots Music Video (CMV) Contest. Both of these creative contests are running for a total of 2 weeks until the 29th of May. Check out the Official Chotopia Blog for the full details regarding to these contests, i.e. guidelines and templates.


The Chotopia Team have just announced the official return of Cholympics! There is not much information available on that topic, although we do know that Cholympics will be held next month (June). Make sure to stay tuned with the Official Blog and Discord for all the latest news about this exciting event. Our designers are working very hard in preparation for the event. On behalf of the Chotopia player-base, I'd like to wish a big thank you to our designers!

There are 2 exciting events taking place this weekend. These events include a Flower Power Party on Friday, the 15th of May at 8 PM Cho-time and a Fashion Show on Sunday, the 17th of May at 8 PM Cho-time. The location for the party is TBC and the meeting place for the fashion show will be Cafe Street. Don't miss out - as always, I am sure they will be a blast.


Let's not forget the winners of the latest in-game contests; Mechanical Crab and Pinball.

Mechanical Crab: Gatinha, Speedy2, and Joshua

Pinball: Recker, Novo, and Kneeyawn

1st place: Themed player card background, 7 days of citizenship and 15,000 bugs

2nd place: 5 days of citizenship and 10,000 bugs

3rd place: 3 days of citizenship and 7,500 bugs

That wraps up my quick summary of the events and updates for this weekend. I will be back at the end of the week/start of the following week with my usual Week Wind-Up, Week Kick-Off.

As always, thank you all for reading

Anna x


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